Looking to find a way to pass the time while waiting for US election results to post?  Try a game!  For election night gaming, we recommend:

  • 1960 Making of a President – this wargame from Z-Man Games recreates the 1960 race between Nixon and Kennedy.  Borrowing many mechanics from the venerable Twilight Struggle, this game generates a lot of tension and gives players a good feel for the US electoral process (and while Twilight Struggle makes for some great political gaming, 1960 is a better fit for an election theme!).
  • Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more…confrontational?  Check out Junta, the game where players attempt to end their time in a banana republic with the most cash.  This little gem has players elected to office, including the role of El Presidente, who divvies up cash to his subordinates.  Watch out though, unhappy subordinates can launch their own coup attempt and bring your government to its knees.  This is a great backstabbing game that plays best with 7 people, but provides a great example of how “things could be worse!”
  • For the conspiracy theorists in your group check out Illuminati from Steve Jackson Games.  In this unique card game, players take on the role of a member of the Illuminati, creating connections between their various special interest groups to garner the most power and eventually dominate world affairs.  With some really wacky cards and innovative game play, this one will help you forget all about the real conspiracy theories!

So what are you playing on election night?