Gogogic, an Icelandic video game maker, has decided to produce a board game called Kreppuspilið, which means “recession” in Icelandic.

Why? According to their blog:

The concept was brought to us by Valur Þór Gunnarsson, a business contact that lost his job in October through mass layoffs that were in direct connection to Iceland’s declining economy.

Valur instantly became committed to doing something new, fun and creative – never allowing the situation to drag him down. After a couple of weeks of idea work “Kreppuspilið” was born and he decided to talk to us about producing it. Since it is an absolutely crazy idea –  to design, produce, market and sell a board game in just over a month – we decided to commit to the project, mainly because we love crazy ideas.

What can I say about the board game? I have no idea. The information is all in Icelandic.