The number of media articles on how games are the gift of choice for this holiday season is astounding. Almost makes me think that my job here is done.

Along with the articles listing games as the economical choice for a holiday season beset by economic woes, a few articles add some interest, like this one in the Columbia Dispatch, about the downsized requests made to department store Santas:

They climb onto his generous lap and ask for wishes to come true. In this economy, the traditional visit with Santa could easily lead to Christmas disappointment.

But little kids are smarter than that. And kinder, too.

“It’s like they know,” said Tim Leasure, a Santa-for-hire whose beard and belly are the real thing. “They seem to be downsizing what they’re asking for.”

“One boy said he thought it would be best if I gave a family gift,” Leasure said. “Kids will tell you everything, and they’re just completely honest. It’s quite moving.”

Leasure, president of the Buckeye Santas club, said some of those who asked for toys were shockingly modest in their requests.

“They asked me for board games. I said, ‘Isn’t that wonderful? You want something you can all do together and enjoy as a family.’  “