If you’re a fan of roleplaying in space like I am, you too have probably been waiting for Mongoose Publishing’s latest book in the Traveller series. Like the volumes before it, High Guard revisits the classic Traveller little-black-book of the same name with further detail on Naval careers and spaceship design and combat. Now, on the one hand, you may already find some copies of the book on retailer shelves now. On the other hand, you should know that any copy you find now has some printing errors and has been recalled by Mongoose. The corrected version should be available in about a month. If you do, however, end up with one of the misprinted volumes, Mongoose has promised to send you the new one when it arrives. In the meantime, perhaps one of these fantastic resources will satisfy your need for inspiration:

No? Just makes the anticipation worse? Well then, there is Career Book 1 from Spica Publishing, currently number eight on the bestseller list at DriveThruRPG. This one’s not about space ships, but it does give you eight new and enhanced careers for your Traveller characters, including unique mustering-out benefits and expanded mishap and events tables.