The Harn roleplaying game, both system and setting, is one of those games that seems to have been around forever. Publisher Columbia Games, however, continues to release supplements and the latest is Grave-Wights, a free 4 page PDF article put out in time for Halloween (even if this post wasn’t). Known for its gritty approach to a low-magic medieval setting, Harn is also about detail. Case in point, another recent supplement for HarnWorld contained detailed stats for domestic cats, as well as this information:

Habitat & Hunting

Domestic cats hunt in the twilight hours. They hunt vermin and birds. They can live in any habitat, but have a preference for warm areas.

Domestic cats prefer stalking their prey and jumping down upon it. A cat’s leap gives it more than sufficient height against vermin, although the tactic does not work as well against birds.

A female is fertile after 4-10 months. The gestation period is about 60 days. The average litter is 3-5 kittens. Males are fully grown after 5-7 months. Female cats den together. Males tend to leave one clowder and join another on a whim. Domestic cats rarely hunt together, but they return at least a portion of their kills to the clowder for the kittens.