Frankford, DE: Nine people, including an 8 year old, robbed at gunpoint while playing cards. (source)

Inman, SC: Losers in a card game rob the winner and flee. (source)

Austin, TX: Card game robbery leads to high speed car crash and shootout. (source)

Barangay Mariblo, Philippines: Wife of police officer caught smoking pot at an illegal card game. (source)

Baton Rouge, LA: One man dead, and an elderly woman wounded, in double shooting over a card game. (source)

This is old news, but I’m only just catching up on my Rolling Stones. From the October 2nd issue:

Youngston, OH: D&D players make off with $8.4 million dollars, only to be caught three days later after leaving their new address in the abandoned car near the robbery. (source)