Baltimore, MD: Man sentenced to four additional years in prison after killing his friend over a Monopoly game. (source)

Miami, FL: Elderly couple disturbed by wild behavior of dominoes players in adjacent park. (source)

Danville, VA: Man pleads guilty to shooting and robbing his friends at a dice game. (source)

Moscow, Russia: Two met meet in a shared taxi ride. One invites the other into his house, and then asks to play backgammon for money. When the invitee indicates he has no money, inviter says the stakes are his life. Invitee accepts, thinking it’s a joke. I think you know where this is going. Inviter’s words to the police: “Boss, judge for yourself, how could I do otherwise? My word is my word.” (source)

Raleigh, NC: Video cameras indicate that hospital employees joked and played cards while a man died a few feet away over the course of 24 hours (from choking on pills, hitting his head, and then being ignored) . The employees then falsified the records and reports. (source)