Trenton, NJ: Two men charged in fatal shooting at a dice game gone bad. (source)

Pittsburgh, PA: Trial resumes for ex-cop who killed someone with his car on the way home from a Trivial Pursuit game. (source)

Edinburgh, Scotland: Citizens outraged to find that prisoners are playing poker games with components bought at taxpayers expense. (source)

Chicago, IL: Teen in basement shot while playing cards by man standing outside the house. (source) Also, police searching for man who murdered his friend at a card game last March. (source)

Frederick, MD: One man stabs another at a card game after the victim insults the assailants home country. (source)

Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam: Policeman $42,500 in debt after gambling on football and card games. (source)

Johor Baru, Malaysia: Police raid gambling den and arrest 27 people for playing cards and dice. (source)

Las Vegas, NV: Woman sentenced to 10 years to Life for killing her professional poker player husband. (source)

Not really criminals – Dekalb County, GA: Students caught playing Strip UNO in a deserted classroom. Really? Strip UNO? (source)

Orlando, FL: Two brothers playing around during a card game, they get into an argument and one challenges the other to kill him with the gun he is holding. “I didn’t know there was a round in the chamber,” he later told police while being charged with second-degree murder. (source)

Cumbria, UK: At a poker game, a man got rebuffed after making advances on a woman, so he punched her in the face. Twice. (source)