Capcom director Adam Boyes explains why Talisman won’t be coming to your XBox or Playstation any time soon, even though The Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Ticket to Ride did well on these platforms :

Complex board games like Talisman live and die on the social interaction of people. Whether it’s the taunting of the person sitting to your right or the planning of what the players should do next, it relies on people sitting together and talking. If you’ve played online games lately, you notice that not all players use their headsets. Social games like Talisman rely on that aspect, so if the people in your match aren’t going to use their headsets, the social aspect of a board game gets completely drained and becomes a slog as you could be sitting there for five minutes waiting for your next turn…

You can tear through a match of Carcassonne in 25 minutes, or build some railroads in Ticket to Ride and be all done with the game in just over half an hour. Those games are lighter fair, and I do think that they lend themselves greatly to the XBLA and PSN user base. If those games are light appetizers, Talisman would be a five-course meal. From the research we’ve done and looking at the games that succeed in the downloadable space, we found that people prefer the appetizers to hunkering down for a huge meal.