If you’ve followed this site for any period of time, you’ve probably noticed that I’m pretty fond of Richard Borg‘s Command & Colors system.  For those who aren’t familiar with it, the C&C system is a light-weight set of rules using customized dice that can be applied to just about any warfare scenario: including ancient warfare (C&C: Ancients), medieval fantasy warfare (BattleLore), WW2 (Memoir ’44) and even the American Civil War (Battle Cry).  Now its very possible that many of you weren’t even aware of that last title – it was put out in 2000 by the “new” Avalon Hill (i.e. after Wizards of the Coast was acquired by Hasbro) and didn’t really generate a large following.  Over time though (particularly after the release of Memoir ’44), people really fell in love with the C&C system and started looking for this gem, only to discover that it was not only out of print, but really hard to find.  But never fear!  The shockingly awesome folks at GameTable Online have somehow gotten the rights to this classic and have implemented an online version using their board game engine.  The game looks great and plays well and is definitely worth spending some time with!