bet_your_brainBet Your Brain is a new trivia game that promises “the questions, the game mechanics, the cards, and the board – everything is new and different from anything you’ve played before.” So you might think that an entire page about the game might actually tell you something about the game.

Naturally, you’d be wrong. Instead, you get long copy about how much fun it is, how different it is, and how much the focus groups liked it. And it’s patented, too. Isn’t there anything about the game on the site?

Well, there’s this vague sentence: “The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to have a backpack full of trivia knowledge in order to win this game, but if you do, it will just be easier to answer the questions.” Which makes precisely no sense.

And finally, the only substantive sentence about how the game is different: “Bet Your Brain the [physically] heaviest trivia adult board game in 2008!” Ah, I see.

In fact, it’s a game where, after one player gives an answer, the other players can bet on whether they think the answer is correct. Which is hardly revolutionary.