journal_courier_logoAt the Journal & Courier, Doug Elfman makes the case for board games over video games:

America’s rinky-dink economy is forcing many of us to go poor, yet we’re armed to the teeth with luxury gadgets. We listen to our $250 iPods. We talk on our $300 mobile phones. And we play video games on our $400 Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s.

How spoiled are we? You could go to the store and buy the board games, Battleship for $14 and Yahtzee for $7. Or you could go online, with your $1,000 computer, and surf over to to buy Hasbro Family Game Night for $40 to play on your $250 Wii…

How much are you willing to spend this economic season on a tech game for a “family” experience that isn’t as fun as a real $7 board game, and that doesn’t encourage eye contact? I admit I’m only assuming you want to look at your family.