vassily_ivanchukLast we reported, the Chess players at the World Mind Sports Games were as confused as this editor as to why they were being subjected to doping tests for a freakin’ board game. What were they going to do, lob the game at their opponent’s head?

Now Ukrainian Chess Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk, ranked third in the world, was charged for doping at a chess match and faces a two-year ban. No, he wasn’t actually found to be taking dope; he simply refused the test. Instead, he kicked a pillar, pounded a counter-top and left the room.

This is not startling behavior for a man who has been known to howl at the moon to drive away demons, walk around in shorts in the freezing cold, and fold the oversized tournament checks down to pocket size to fit into his pocket.

So maybe lobbing the game at their opponent’s head is not out of the question.