Lost Horizons is a site devoted to the vast conspiracy of the US government to steal tax money from its citizens in an unconstitutional manner. Through their efforts, so they proclaim, dupes of the American tax system have been able to reclaim 3.5 million dollars in illegally acquired taxes, in particular the absurdity known as “income tax”.

They also offer a few games, including one called Cyberwraith, “where a knack for the Hack can transform you from a shorn sheep into a Virtual Freedom Fighter!  All it takes is the right computer, the right software, and guts that don’t quit even when the Feds are no-knocking at your door.”

Your object is to delete every government file about you using cyber-cracking techniques. The winner is the player with the monst money, which means that he’s paid the least taxes by erasing him or herself from the most government files.