I really love Deseret News. They’ve got a bunch of board game supporters on the staff, either the writers or the editors who decide what articles to print, that regularly publish best of breed articles about the modern board gaming world.

This week, Carma Wadley submitted two board game related stories:

In the first, Nothing beats fun of old-fashioned board games, she talks to Greg Jones of Fred Distribution, Matt Molen of SimplyFun, Toni Hansen of Claypoole Corner in Layton, a game boutique, Mike Compton of Game Night Games, and Casey Sartain of The Tutoring Toy Shoppe. Recommendations include Agricola, Pandemic, Jishaku, Discombobulation, Dominion, Worm Up!, and Ice Flow.

In the second, The best way to get ‘board’, she presents a list of 39 games, ranging from the mainstream, such as LDSopoly, to the BGG hot Through the Ages, to oh my goodness, that’s my game, It’s Alive.