That’s “Friendly Local Game Store,” the brick-and-mortar kind.

Far be it from us to put down the online merchants, but if you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season, consider a visit to your local hobby retailer. Besides the satisfaction you’ll receive from supporting a local business, the FLGS may provide the opportunity to demo a game (at least handle the box up close), advice on games suitable for different occasions, space to meet new people and play games, and a source for last minute gifts or for immediate satisfaction (when you just can’t stand to track that UPS shipment as it makes its way across the country).

Dream Wizards in Rockville, Maryland is what you might call my home store. But others I’ve visited recently include Watch Tower Family Games & Comics in Hagerstown, Maryland and Borderlands Comics and Games in Jacksonville, Florida.

Tell us. What other traditional retailers would you recommend?