hannah_montanaOriginal Electronic Games

DVD Game: Roll the sparkly dice and move your sparkly pieces on the irrelevant sparkly board. Then answer a trivia question, watch a clip, or do a karaoke.

DVD Game: This one ditches the board, but offers more of the same as the previous game, as well as dance steps and other various kinetic stuff.

CD Board Game: “In this super-stylin’ game, you’ll perform shows as Hannah, shop for new clothes at the mall, and design complete outfits. You’ll get a true taste of Hannah’s secret lifestyle as you make friends, hang out at the beat, avoid the paparazzi and pose for magazine shoots.”

CD Board Game: Different game, same concept.

Girl Talk: Electronic and themed Truth or Dare. With singing.

Original Non-Electronic Games

True You: Honestly, I don’t know if this is electronic or not. Once again, you get to move your pieces around and act out scenes and songs from HM.

Pop Star Card Game: Trivia questions. Be careful with this one; at the end of 2007, some (or all) of the containers in which this game is packaged were found to contain excessive amounts of lead. (source)

Fact or Fancy Card Game: Yet another trivia game.

Themed Classic Games

Twister Moves: A CD calls out where to place your feet on the Twister mat as you learn dance steps. It’s Twister’s answer to Dance Dance Revolution.

Mall Madness: Themed version of the electronic game that teaches “over-consumption, indebtedness, and a focus on material culture” according to Amazon. Plus, cool shopping deals!

UNO: Two editions: Uno 1 and Uno 2. The first has a special card; I couldn’t tell you about the second.

Playing Cards: In purples and pinks.

Hannah Montana ASL scenarios … just kidding.