Sophistigames launched a new social networking site specifically for board gamers.

I asked the creator, Matt Jones, about the added value of the site:

In terms of what SophistiGames can offer that BGG can’t, well they are different.

The groups and events features make it ideal for groups of gamers who know each other off-line to join up and arrange their next games that way.  Also the video and photo uploader is super-quick and easy.  Members can also write their own blogs for free and it’s simple and easy to do so.

We also have member featuring.  We will also not show every single latest blog post and photo (and video etc) on the Homepage, only the best will make it through to be featured.  This avoids posts like “just joined” repeatedly being shown on the Homepage.  We will also feature the members who added them, giving all members an equal chance to be featured, rewarding quality content with featuring, encouraging members to contribute material everybody likes.  Members can rate pretty much everything other members put on the site – we will use the member ratings as well as the number of views as guild lines for what to feature.

Generally speaking, SophistiGames is an easy to use, simple and social site for Board Gamers.