presidential_scrabblePresidential Scrabble is by Fundex Games, although I can’t find it on their site. Nor can I discover how they managed to wrest a license to the game out of Hasbro and Mattel.

From the BGG entry:

This Presidential edition of Scrabble is based on the familiar classic
but with several interesting twists. The letters and basic rules remain
the same, but there are several important differences.

The board is round and not square.

All of the extra scoring spaces are replaced with the various states.
They have two effects. The give the familiar triple letter or triple
word scoring bonus. In addition each states gives an additional bonus
equal to the state’s Electoral College value (after all other
modifications). So for instance California is a triple letter space and
gives a bonus of 55 points as well (it is also way off to one side).

There is a list of extra “words” that are worth extra points; either 5,
10 or 15 points. Some of these “words” are things like FDR or LBJ which
would not ordinarily be available to use, while others are regular
words like vote that just give an extra bonus.

Finally there is a deck of cards showing all of the Presidents. Each
card has a bit of historical information and gives a way to either get
an extra bonus when played or change the rules in some fashion. The
Nixon card for instance allows one to play a word with one letter
misspelled. Players receive five of these cards at the start of the
game, and can play at most one per turn.

I was available at Barnes & Noble for a time, and now???