Hasbro’s reworking of Risk, as previewed with the interim game Risk: Black Ops, is so over the top in testosterone that it deliberately excludes women from the game.

“The game of global domination”s now tag-lined as “Destroy your rivals! Bring your foes to their knees!”

The game’s online site prominently asks, “Are you man enough?”

Black-Ops’ rules indicated that the winner is allowed to demand that all the losers call him “Sir”.

Hasbro’s online marketing includes a game called Risk Factor, which carries the warning, “Grab your shoes and pull up your panties, your manliness is about to be tested!” The game won’t accept a feminine name, only a masculine one. And if you don’t enter your own name, the game will assign you a proto-insulting one such as “Cupcake”, or “Bubbles”. It also includes an on-screen “Wife button” which brings up a picture of a fake jewelery store, so you can hide your game-play from your wife.

And so on.

Apparently, Hasbro has decided that women do not play Risk and men will play Risk if the instructions imitate the neo-dweeb loud-mouthed chauvinism in the intros to violent video games.

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