Singapore: Girl plays card based drinking game at her own birthday party, falls asleep, and is raped by two of the other guests. Sheesh. (source)

Valley Stream, NY: Shoppers at the mall crush a worker to death in their rush to get Christmas presents. (source)

Palm Desert, CA: And two people shot to death at a Toys R Us: two women began fighting, and the men they were with both pulled guns. (source)

Danville, VA: Woman in jail for robbing a man during chess game. (source)

West Hempstead, NY: Following noise complaints, arrests made at Turkish social club over gambling. (source) Hey! That’s my home town!

Diego Martin, Trinidad & Tobago: Man found shot dead next to a table holding gamling acessories. (source)

Botswana: Botswana Chess Federation official charged with stealing a tire. (source)