Miami-Dade, FL: A guy jumps out of a van and shoots two men and an infant playing dominoes. The infant died. Guess she was too young to be playing dominoes. (source) Or to be taken to a game of dominoes in a rough neighborhood. Turns out that the baby was the son of a police dispatcher.

Hartford, CT: Three people robbed while playing dominoes. (source)

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Someone stole “a vacuum cleaner and a board game worth approximately $449” from a Boscov’s. Hmmm. How do you think that $449 was distributed? (source)

Athens, GA: Homeless man beaten when he wanders into a craps game. (source)

St Albens, WV: Woman tries to steal 70 items including board games from a Kmart. (source)

Normal, IL: Someone breaks into house and steals Christmas gifts, including board games. (source) Could that be Santa repossessing the games?

Ashdod, Israel: Man arrested for running naked to the beach, swimming, and returning as a result of a loss in a Strip Poker game. (source)