west_end_gamesNot for sale! Previous reports notwithstanding, that’s the latest word from Eric Gibson about West End Games. Instead, in a recent video update, Eric reveals extensive plans for West End’s future, including spinning off the d6 RPG in to a separate corporation, opening up d6 to outside developers, building an online destination for the new open d6 system, and of course, putting out a range of new board games and RPGs. That’s pretty ambitious for a company still having trouble finalizing all steps to issue refunds for the canceled Septimus project. Still, we’re encouraged by Eric’s new embracing of openess, both in terms of the d6 game and the company’s health. Plans for this new Open d6 company include investment and management opportunities for the gaming public. Rules for the game are to be made available and customizable freely online—”The rulebook you have will be the rulebook you design.” Regarding how he intends to fund the projects, Eric’s response to Purple Pawn’s questions was:

WEG Currently has a few thousand waiting for a good project to come along, and some months print sales are better than others. I’m also in the process of extending out digital (PDF) offerings of older products which should increase month revenue by several hundred dollars. We are not talking about a lot of money, but enough to knock out a simple product every couple months—which will, of course, provide additional income for even more product. The biggest concern is to control cost wherever possible.