covenant_schoolIs a winning score of 100 to 0 a clean victory or an embarrassment?

That was the question facing Dallas’ Christian preparatory Covenant School‘s girls basketball team on January 13 after they defeated the team from The Dallas Academy, a school for girls with learning disabilities. Dallas Academy girls are not physically disabled, so there was no reason not to expect a fair game … except that Dallas Academy hasn’t won a game in five years. As first quarter (35-0) marched through halftime (59-0) and rounded on through to the end of third quarter (88-0), Covenant girls began to question whether running up the score was really the Christian thing to do.

For their part, the girls of Dallas Academy, realizing what the situation was by halftime, persevered with a new strategy: ignore the score and use the event as an opportunity for learning. For this, they have been showered with accolades and praise from TV stations around the country.

The Covenant School so regrets the outcome of the game, they have apologized on their website for their un-“Christ-like” behavior and have submitted a request to forfeit the game in question, “recognizing that a victory without honor is a great loss”.

The story continues: Covenant’s coach disagrees with the apology, claiming that Covenant girls played respectfully and correctly, and should have nothing to be ashamed of. He has now been fired for expressing his opinion.