Days of Wonder - Small World: What ever happened to "Mwahahaha!!!"?

If you’ve been out to Days of Wonder‘s website recently, you no doubt noticed the trail of teasers for their next game.  Each teaser featured a cartoony depiction of a given race (Amazons, Giants, Wizards, etc) with a snappy one-liner.  After much speculation (and more than a few people threatening revolt if its a card game), Days of Wonder has revealed that this is all part of their next big box game, Small World.  Essentially, Small World is a game where players control various races, scoring points by navigating a race to prosperity (and by knowing when to abandon them for an up and coming race).  There isn’t much else known about the rules, but it seems to feature a good bit of player conflict and a variety of special powers to spice things up.  The game itself is due in April and will retail for $50 US.