space-hulk-out-of-boxWe’ll hold off on burning the heretics for now, cause we’re talking Space Hulk!  It occurs to me that its possible that there are at least 3 people on the planet who aren’t familiar with Space Hulk, so for their sake, a brief recap.

Space Hulk was a board game released in 1989 by Games Workshop, one of many in their line of excellent board games (that also saw gems like Talisman and Fury of Dracula).  Unlike others in the line, Space Hulk leveraged the emerging popularity of the Warhammer 40K universe, focusing on the concept of a dead ship floating through space, boarded by a group of elite Space Marine terminators (terminators wear armor above and beyond that of normal marines, making them nigh unstoppable) sent to exterminate the Tyrannid genestealers (rabid, powerful insect like creatures capable of manipulating DNA to adapt to new forms – though for this game, we only care about that first part) infesting the ship.

space-hulk-gameplaySpace Hulk stood out for many people because of the excellent bits (still better than even the current king of the roost, Descent) which included a modular board, a rulebook that played like a streamlined version of the 40K rules and miniatures that were so good, they must have come straight out of blisters for the actual wargame.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and even with supplements, Space Hulk didn’t last long, and is currently considered one of the rarest of collector items, typically fetching $150 (if you’re lucky) or more on eBay.  But now you can get into Space Hulk without shelling out money to a scalper trying to turn his chidhood into his retirement – check out Nimbarad’s Space Hulk Site, which effectively has collected everything you need to play Space Hulk – print outs, rules, etc.  Obviuosly, he doesn’t have anything to help you through the miniatures issue, but that’s easily resolved through a trip to your local Games Workshop.