game-design1The Industrial Design Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology has seen its students producing an increasing number of board games over the past few years.

Now Funskool, India’s largest toy and game company and a joint venture between the Indian tyre giant MRF and Hasbro Inc., is producing some of these games for Indian audiences.

Source lists six of the new games: Chakra View, Triplets, Gotcha, Sixteen Fifteen, Mahawar, and another unnamed game. Searching IDC’s site reveals a slew of other interesting looking games, such as games about Indian temples, desert geography, and a redesign on the classic Indian game of Ganjifa (played with circular playing cards).

Funskool’s profits were up 35% this December over last, from sales of Monopoly India and its own board game Game of Witz.


Update: reviews of some of the games.