cat_rpgYou have not one, but at least three choices if you would like to role play a common house cat.

Cat by John Wick is a streamlined RPG by John Wick. You get six traits: claws, coat, face, fangs, leg, and tail (magic ability), as well as reputation and lives (nine,  of course), and encounter a variety of foes including dogs and boggins. You also get to venture into the dreamworld.

Cat is another streamlined venture into feline role play. Cat’s stats include leap, bat, pounce, patience, speed, climb, hear, love, transcend, and the capacity to see that which cannot be seen. They protect mankind by fighting the Snufles, birds, dogs, ghosts, and mice.

Warrior Cats is an online fiction-writing RPG, based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, and played on fan forums around the internet. Additional sites for Warrior Cats include Darkening Forest, Warrior’s Control, and Warrior Cats.

Another forum-based RPG is available for fans of the musical Cats.