gamewright_logoGamewright is looking forward to 2009 with the following scheduled releases:

  • Walter Wick – Can You See What I See? Finders KeepersTM Game – Kind of a competitive Where’s Waldo for small kids.
  • Ring-O Flamingo – Tiddlywinks crossed with ring-toss, as you try to flip your rings around the heads of Flamingos. Also for small kids.
  • Too Many Monkeys – Flip and swap cards in numerical order.
  • Say Cheese – Roll dice and be the first to match a picture and shout “Cheese!”
  • Pool Sharks – A teeny Billiards game, with fishes for pockets.
  • Polar Derby – A push-your-luck dice game of collecting polar bears.
  • This Big! – Go Fish with some extra cards.
  • Funny Business – A “Balderdash” style game; try to think of the wittiest name for two merged companies. Points earned by who gets the most votes from the other players.