boingboing-logoBoing Boing recently launched Offworld, a sister blog devoted to video games (like the world needs another one of those *snort*). It just posted it’s first non-video game post: a highly belated look at some pastry products made to look like the Settlers of Catan board game. Expect to see more analog game posts on Offworld in the future.

Boing Boing has always had something of a game fetish, and it’s been drifting more and more into tabletop games over time. Word about Settlers of Catan and other Eurogames is starting to sink into the public consciousness. Of course, these games getting ported to XBox also helped with that.

This week a Boing Boing guest blogger rails into mainstream board games such as Candy Land and Battleship, echoing the Eurogamers creed that they’re nothing but a bunch of random events connected to some tired components.

Meanwhile, Lifehacker picks up yet another story about the need to organize one’s game collection by only buying games with matching sized boxes. Yeah, ok. That works if you care about the boxes, but not about the games. But the picture Lifehacker throws up with the article is one of Settlers of Catan, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t come in made-to-order sized boxes.