grand_prixBridge tournaments are a dime a dozen. It may interest you to know that players of other card games that are played with a standard deck (or two) of playing cards are not sitting idly by.

The Grand Prix tournaments are organized by Bicycle (a well-known playing card manufacturer), as well as various single-game organizations (such as the home for Euchre and Spades) and online gaming sites that facilitate these games over the Internet. Over $20,000 in prizes are awarded.

Games include Spades, Hearts, Euchre, and Pinochle.

Grand Prix is a multi-game tournament, but single-game organizations are moving forward with their own events. As just one example, The Spades Connection is looking forward to a tournament in Knoxville in March.

Card Sharks represents Bid Whist. I knew that Whist was played a century ago by New york socialites and retains some small popularity today. Apparently Bid Whist (specifically) is “one of the truly original African American pastimes.” It was supposedly invented by the black Pullman porters over a century ago.