transformers_missile_maniaMilton Bradley will be producing a kids game called Missile Mania Game, to coincide with the release of the Transformers movie (Revenge of the Fallen) scheduled for release this summer.

“Kapow!” says the box cover. “Blast Your Way To Victory!”

Milton Bradley? Kindly meet me at camera three. *swivels in his chair*

Hasbro, Milton Bradley, and so on: you can’t use the words, images, and themes of video games to lure kids away from video games. Video games are better at being video games than your plastic ridiculous toys will ever be.

Stop trying to fool kids into thinking that your toys and games will recreate the same experiences they get online. Kids aren’t going to shoot your pathetic plastic spring-loaded clunky missiles and believe that they’re having just as cool a time as they are when they’re causing endless explosions on a screen.

If you want kids to play with games and toys, you have to complete using games and toys’ natural strengths: re-playable, durable, original, imagination enhancing, social, portable, inexpensive, intellectual (sometimes), and fun in a non-zoning way.

Thank you.

(source, hat tip)