uno_attackUNO Attack is the game of UNO, with an electronic doodad you must press when you should normally draw a card.

Instead of drawing one card, the doodad physically shoots a bunch (2-8) cards into your face. This is supposed to be fun. Sounds like a) even more random, b) something to break, and c) many cards suddenly added to the game means a longer, more tedious game.

On the other hand, if you like to see cards flying into the face of your mom, it may work for you.

sorry_card_revengeSorry! Card Revenge plays nearly identically, without the shooting. It plays a lot more like UNO than like Sorry (though the special abilities of the Sorry cards are still there). You still press the electronic doodad once in a while, and it shouts at you how many new cards to draw.

This is supposed to be fun. In my experience, repetitive mechanical voices quickly become annoying.