Fond du Lac, WI: Fight breaks out in jail after officer tells two inmates to stop playing Scrabble at 2 am. (source)

Uttar Pradesh, India: Woman goes into hiding to avoid four men who came to “collect” her after her husband lost her in a game of cards. The police refuse to help, saying it is a trivial domestic dispute. And I thought this only happened in Hardy novels. (source)

Athens, GA: Man wins everyone else’s money in a card game and ends up getting stabbed. (source)

Nashua, MA: Not really a criminal story: 17 year old gamer Jared Osterman kills himself. RIP. (source)

Tampa, FL: Masked man robs a group playing dominoes. (source)

Cape Cod, MA: Woman attacks boyfriend’s children during a game of dominoes. (source)

Chicago, IL: Two gang members shoot another at a dice game. (source)