Miami, FL: 2 dead and 7 injured in an assault rifle attack on a dice game. (source)

Jacksonville, FL: One man shot in the back at a dice game. (source) Dice games in FL = Dominoes games in Jamaica: avoid.

Tampa Bay, FL: Police raid a card game, arrest the players, and seize $15k and drugs. (source)

Bahrain: Scrabble champion found guilty of cheating at Scrabble tournament. He’s been banned for four years. (source)

London, UK: Man receives seven years in prison for slashing a fellow over a game of cards in a pub. (source)

Butte, MT: Woman stabs bowling alley’s bar owner in a fight over a card game. (source)

San Franciscon Town, Phillipines: House raided and occupants arrested for playing Tong-Its. (source) I get the impression that anyone playing Tong-Its is assumed to be playing it illegally for money, although this is not specified in the source.

Cleveland, OH:  One man who, together with a few others, robbed a house during a card game is later found shot to death. To make matters worse, a 13 year old apparently stole $20 which was hanging out of his pocket after he was dead. (source)

Ann Arbor, MI: Three men rob an EMU dice game. (source)

Dayton, OH: Man shot and killed at an illegal card gambling game. (source)

Tenby, Wales, UK: Seemingly untroubled 15 year old boy hangs himself after an argument with his family over a game of Chess. (source)