privateer-press-logo.gifPrivateer Press has just announced that they are revising their bread and butter, the Warmachine and Hordes games. The Mk II rules (and why oh why did they go with a versioning scheme identical to the one used for Space Marine armor???) will be released to the full public in 2010 (first Warmachine with Hordes following later in the year), but an open testing period will begin in April. PP has posted a FAQ with a smattering of hints as to the rule changes, with a few concrete items that players need to be aware of:

  • All existing units will continue to work in the revised game
  • The combat card format is being completely re-done, so players will need to purchase new cards (the FAQ seems to indicate that this will be a requirement)
  • Every model will have a point cost change
  • No Quarter will begin providing coverage of Mk II in issue 23

I was a huge fan of Warmachine when it first released, and I’m still fairly fond of the game even though its fallen out of favor in my area. The rules changes that are hinted at in the FAQ seem to mess with the things that I thought made the system unique, but we’ll see how they shape up. At a bare minimum, we should all thank PP for giving so much notice on the changes and starting with an open test period.