the-keepWhile in-person and tabletop is still my preferred method of roleplaying, I’m not averse to a little technological assistance with the administrative overhead of certain games. Two products you might consider if you’re in the market are The Keep and Obsidian Portal. Both promise to organize campaign information, but they take significantly different approaches. The Keep from NBOS Software is a Windows XP and Vista application that integrates a word processor, document database, hyperlinking capabilities, dice roller, and other NBOS applications such as ScreenMonkey, Fractal Mapper, Character Sheet Designer, and Inspiration Pad Pro. The program can also export data to a campaign web site or share information with other Keep users. However, if web accessibility is your priority, check out Obsidian Portal. It’s a web application that offers a free campaign information hub, including adventure log, wiki, NPC tracker, forums, and map library. Obsidian Portal’s included tools don’t match those of The Keep for help with building campaigns and adventures, but in terms of accessibility and sharing information among players, it’s hard to beat.