lumpley_games_logoKill Puppies for Satan is an RPG shock piece by Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games in which the characters do about what you would expect them to do from the title.

Your character gains evil by doing various twisted acts on helpless animals, and the GM describes these acts in nauseating detail. Through this, your character gains evil points to spend in various ways.

mr_orgue recently wrote about running a game, an experience he described as intense, and not one he would repeat:

I think this was the highlight of the con for me. It was a moment both disturbing and real, an intense emotional punch that I can still feel weeks afterward. It wasn’t fun, not in any sense of the word ‘fun’ that I can bring myself to use. But I’ll say it was good. It was a good moment to experience. Still, I don’t know that I’ll ever play Kill Puppies again. I think that my reaction after the phone call scene was accurate – I’ve got what I was looking for, and it’s not the kind of thing I particularly want a second time.

Vincent’s take on role-playing is serious and insightful. He writes about RPG rules and systems, including these two articles which make excellent reading.

In another one of his works, Dogs in the Vineyard, you play missionary Mormons in a fictionalized version of the Country of Deseret (aka Utah). Travel from town to isolated town, carrying mail, news, and doctrine, healing the sick, supporting the weary, and pronouncing judgment upon the wicked. The game was awarded or nominated for a number of independent RPG awards. (source)