mansion-carsCould this be the gamer version of real estate seminars advertised on late night TV? I Am Mongoose, And So Can You! is a just released PDF book with the bold claim that it is possible to “find glory and riches while working with roleplaying games.” Author Matthew Sprange of Mongoose Publishing tantalizes with this story:

Before I started Mongoose, I was living with my parents and driving around the country to fix computers and printers for a living for a salary that, quite frankly, I now find somewhat embarrassing. Eight years later, Mongoose is still trading (a feat in itself), I have my own home (whose value would raise the eyebrows of anyone in the US), and drive a Jaguar.

And he’s willing to let you in on the secret. All you have to do is buy the book. Come to think of it, I’ve got this fantasy campaign setting I’ve been working on. None of you have one of those, right?