mutant-city-bluesMutant City Blues is a supernatural police procedural roleplaying game with a couple of special features. First, it’s built on the Gumshoe system, which bypasses the typical dice rolls for searching a crime scene. Instead, detecting clues at appropriate moments is automatic. It’s what you do with them that’s in question. Second, the game’s setting assumes a portion of the population (and, therefore, a portion of the criminals) have developed mutant powers. But rather than the expected free-for-all, this game dictates that mutant powers manifest in strict categories with scientifically mapped relationships—detailed in the Quade Diagram.

quade-diagram-sectionMutant City Blues should just be arriving at your FLGS and to celebrate Pelgrane Press is running a contest with a top prize of $150 in vouchers for Pelgrane products, copies of all Pelgrane PDFs, and a signed leatherbound Trail of Cthulhu. All you need to do to win is solve the mystery presented in a series of articles on the Pelgrane web site. The deadline is March 1st.