corporationMongoose Publishing will be launching the new roleplaying game, Corporation, at a sort-of mini-convention in its offices on February 28th. The public is invited to Swindon, UK (no charge) for an introduction to the game, an early opportunity to purchase the books, and staff run games of the scenarios “Live Extraction” and “Bring It Back So We Can Kill It.” Corporation is a science fiction game set in the year 2500, when the governments of the world have been replaced by five corporations with radically different, and sometimes conflicting, ideologies. However, lest you think that Corporation is simply another dark future, cyberpunk-style game, developer Brutal Games (Mongoose is publishing under its Flaming Cobra imprint) points out that action is just as likely take place in gleaming spire cities and restored natural areas, as in the decaying great cities remaining from earlier centuries.