whats_new_with_phil_and_dixieI followed Dragon Magazine from issues #59 to around #145. I missed out on Phineas Fingers (but read the compilation), but I caught all of Snarfquest, and nearly all of Wormy and What’s New With Phil and Dixie. Or so I had thought.

Turns out that WNwPaD was reincarnated during the Magic: the Gathering years in Duelist and returned to Dragon in later issues; Phil did artwork for some of the earlier Magic cards.

If you missed them, Phil has been posting all of the strips online, starting with the very first issue. He’s currently up to the middle of the Duelist strips. Or you can buy them at Amazon; 1, 2, and 3.

Of course, Phil is also known nowadays for his incredible Girl Genius web comic series (also available at Amazon).