rogue-trader-logo-lg.pngLet’s face it, I’ve definitely been on a Warhammer 40K kick lately, but even if you’re not into the miniatures game, you’ve got to admire the fluff. Black Library gave us the completely awesome Dark Heresy RPG, but its hampered somewhat by forcing players to play within the Imperium with a fairly limited range of character classes. With the RPG rights for the Games Workshop properties now at Fantasy Flight Games, we’re about to see the answer to this criticism in the new RPG: Rogue Trader. This new core setting will allow players to create characters not confined to Imperial space, with greater options for exploration and interaction with the myriad alien species of the 40K universe. The game is fully compatible with Dark Heresy and will be available for purchase at GenCon 2009. Given their amazing production qualities and slavish attention to the history and flavor of the 40K setting in Dark Heresy, this one is very likely to be another FFG winner.