spectrum_games_logoUrban Manhunt is a non-CCG coming from Spectrum games this summer. You play a hunter legally allowed to kill terrorists “imprisoned” in the city of Chicago as a televised sport.

Spectrum Games is known for its Toon-like RPG Cartoon Action Hour based on 1980s Saturday morning cartoons.  To illustrate the concept, a bazooka attack will blow up your vehicle but only send you flying into a wall, otherwise unhurt.

Z-man Games published the game in book format. (As long as you’re checking out the least viewed pages of Z-man Games, don’t miss their RPG supplement Tome of Levity, or 48 pages of ridiculous spells to enliven any fantasy setting.)

On the flip side, Spectrum Games is now working on another addition to the serial killer gaming genre. In Slasher Flick, you play the victims trying to escape the serial killer. You control both primary and secondary characters, the latter of whom are not expected to survive. SG is inviting the public to add their comments as the game is being developed.