violenceViolence is an art piece RPG, not meant to be played. It was created by Greg Costikyan as a satirical attack on the business practices and unspoken assumptions of RPGs. In his words:

Violence is intended to be a good read, but not really intended to be played, though I’m told people have. It’s a lot like D&D–you roll up a character, then wander corridors, kick in doors, and kill what you find on the other side. Only instead of taking place in a fantasy “dungeon” it takes place in a modern apartment building, and instead of killing “monsters” you kill other humans beings with hopes and dreams and aspirations. And instead of being a “hero,” you’re an evil sadistic murderer. Which of course raises the question of what those D&D characters are really doing, and why.

Which is a springboard for many questions about violence in the RPG genre, which is the point.

(source, download [PDF])