We’ve already covered examples of outdoor giant games (Chess, Go, etc). You can find most giant garden games on many sites; well, you actually can’t find a Giant Settlers of Catan, such as this one created by the Mountford family (yowza) …

… but that’s not what I’m here to write about. I’m also not here to talk about floor-projected augmented reality games, also covered here, though these are changing (here’s a game on what appears to be a giant multi-touch glass floor at Disneyland:

Update: A commenter says it’s just a projection.). No, I’m here to talk about floors that are games. For instance, the Office Stylist created this floor for Lambert, Edwards, & Associates. (source)

In Atlantic City, on the corner of Boardwalk and Park Place, is a Ben & Jerry’s with a floor styled after … I’m sure you can guess. (source)

Not quite as big as the famous outdoor “Monopoly in the Park” in San Jose, CA, but the location is good.

Of course, laminated wood and attention to detail is expensive. You can do it the quick way by buying a game carpet. For example, Game of Goose,


and other game carpets are available on Amazon. So are black and white (or your favorite sports team and white) floor tiles and pieces to make indoor floor Checkers and/or Chess.