Huntsville, AL: Thieves steal Harry Potter Clue and Harry Potter Monopoly games (and an LCD TV) from Walmart store. (source)

State College, PA: Man plays board games with a few guys, and then one of them later breaks into his apartment and wakes him up by molesting him. (source)

Winona, MI: Sex offender charged with molesting a 6 year old girl during a game of Go Fish. (source)

Lodi, CA: Four or five guys with a sawed-off shotgun rob a backyard card game. (source)

Wilmington, NC: Man shoots his estranged wife in the back and then kills himself after an argument over a card game. The wife had come over to attempt a reconciliation. (source)

Chicago, IL: Four women beat and stab a man to death after he breaks one of their cigarettes at a card game. (source)

Alameda, CA: Man stabs to death his friend over a game of chess. Drinking was involved. (source)

Colorado Springs, CO: Not exactly a game criminal, but robbed a 7-11 store with a Star Trek sword, a bat’leth to be precise. (source)

Dominican Republic: Ex-Mets player Ambiorix Burgos pulls a gun and threatens to kill a guy while playing Dominoes. (source)