Birmingham, UK: The online retailer Card Empire sold trading cards and accessories and was co-owned by Mark and Helen Findlay, who were the only workers. Mark just killed his Helen (his estranged wife) and then killed himself by jumping in front of a train. Helen had complained to the police about Mark five days earlier. They had two children. (source)

Tecumseh, OK: 40 year old former friend of family is chief suspect in the disappearance of a 14 year old girl on her way to an anime convention. Contact police if you have information. (source)

Kalamazoo, MI: Man shot and robbed over his winnings in a dice game. (source)

San Diego, CA: Card cheater pleads guilty to robbing casinos in California and Canada. He is part of a ring of cheaters, 26 of whom have pleaded guilty. (source)

Belize City, Belize: Stray bullet kills man enjoying a dice game. (source)

Concord, CA: One man hits another on the head with a golf club at a dominoes game because he was laughing. (source)

Detroit, MI: Dice game leads to school shooting. Click on the video link for a scaremongering TV news report (“Inside the scool … they were … GAMBLING!”) (source)