One of the few survivors from the early CCG period is Redemption.

Redemption is not considered a particularly good game by the game cognoscenti, but it has a number of things going for it: it’s cheap, its higher luck element makes it easier for children to win occasionally, and it’s Christian-themed. The Christian theme includes artwork and figures from all over the scriptures. There is no way for evil forces to win: each player plays a good guy, throwing bad guy hazards in the way of the opponent.

Angel Wars is a Christian-themed anime fighting series about angels (available at Amazon as a DVD Box Set). Rather than create their own CCG, they simply created an Angel Wars Booster Pack for the Redemption game line. There is also an Angel Wars Board Game, which looks like it has some abstract strategy potential.

Both Angel Wars games are published by Cactus Game Design, “makers of quality Christian games for all ages.” They publish additional Christian-themed CCGs, and Christian-themed versions of other board games, such as Blink and Apples to Apples.