chaotic-ccg.jpgIt this game still going? Seriously? At any rate, TC Digital Games, the makers of the Chaotic CCG/online card game (which had a whopping $500,000 in sales for the entire 4th quarter) have announced that they are establishing a tournament structure that will ultimately end in a world championship. The ladder is a bit odd, with Regional Championships in April, Battledrome Qualifiers in June and a subsequent Battledrome Championship that will act as a world championship qualifier. There will also be a set of Perim Tournaments that will act as qualifiers. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Chaotic is a Danish CCG that was expanded globally two years ago with the addition of an online counterpart to the game in addition to various merchandising contracts (including the mandatory children’s cartoon). Chaotic is currently considered the third most popular CCG in the US by its parent company, 4Kids (not that this seems even remotely possible…does anyone have hard numbers on TCG/CCG sales in the US?).